Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dream Seductions: All The Queen's Men by Celeste Hall (Part 1)

Despite all reason, his whole body was shaking like a helicopter in a windstorm. Just looking at those soft pink lips was enough to make him hard as hell, but thinking of her taking him in her mouth… Shit! It was enough to make a grown man cry!
“Syrena,” it came out as a ragged moan rather than a protest.
She trembled softly, slipping over onto her knees with her wings pulled tight against her back and her arms clenched behind her. Rosy pink nipples hardened before his eyes as she lifted her face and licked slightly parted lips.
God help him! If he was about to die, he would die a happy man.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Secret Admirer by Celeste Hall (part three)

Whatever he might have been thinking about was instantly shocked right out of his mind by the sight of her.
Gone was the ratty t-shirt she’d worn in the past. She was now wearing a thin black silk slip that whispered over her curves and left very little to his imagination.
Her red-gold hair hung loose around her shoulders with the tousled appearance of someone who has been tossing and turning with insomnia, and her eyes were a pale sleepy blue as they focused on him.
“I can’t sleep.”
For a moment Alex couldn’t even answer.
  If she were any other woman, he would have suspected she was attempting to seduce him.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Secret Admirer by Celeste Hall (part two)

She thought of the way Alex had stroked his hand down her body, and the flood of heat she’d felt when it came to rest against her hip.
If he hadn’t moved her away, she was sure that she would have started tearing the buttons off his shirt so she could trace her fingertips along the firm contours of his chest. It was something she’d been fantasizing about almost as much as she’d been imagining what his kisses might be like.
His lips had been soft and gentle, but she’d felt the strength behind them. And she wanted more, so much more, of that mouth. She wanted it almost as much as the force of that desire now frightened her.
He was unbearably handsome, but it was more than his looks that had her challenging a long standing decision to remain celibate.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Secret Admirer by Celeste Hall

Would his kiss be soft and gentle, like his voice, or would it be powerful and commanding like his body?
It wasn’t fear that had her trembling now.
One strong hand lifted to brush the hair back from her cheek. There wasn’t anything blatantly sexual in the gesture, but Bethany’s hormones did a wild somersault in her belly anyway.
Her eyes flashed up to meet his, as her vivid imagination brought back the memory of last night’s dreams. The feel of his heated flesh beneath her fingertips, and his powerful body moving over her…

Want more? There's a full excerpt available on my website...