Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dream Seductions: All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall (Part 3)

Syrena held her position in the corner, raising her head just enough to peek up from under the semi protective shield of her wings. This was no ordinary visit. Something was happening.
“Is she old enough to breed?” One of the officers queried.
The man in the white scrubs looked at his charts and nodded.
“From what we have learned she is just reaching her sexual maturity. We believe that she was drawn here by the presence of the males. They must have some sort of ability to sense their own kind. She went straight to the door of the oldest male when we released her.”
When they released her?
Syrena had escaped by fluxing through the open door when one of her keepers had come in to study her. Could it have been a coincidence that the second door was also left open behind him?
Did the doors contain the same electrical netting that was embedded in the cement of her prison?

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