Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dream Seductions: All the Queen's Men by Celeste Hall (Part 4)

He was at least a full head and shoulders taller than the doctor who had brought him, his body strong and proud.
His hair was an earthen brown, long and thick to his shoulder blades. His eyes were the color of burnished copper, muted by chestnut flecks, sharp and intelligent. They were focused on her with an intensity that was overpowering.
She jolted at the heat of his gaze, every nerve in her body screaming with desire.
Immediately she was standing, her wings crashing up to strike against the walls of her prison, her body trembling and wet with hunger. She wanted to fly, needed to fly, every instinct in her body screamed that it was the way this should be done.
But there was no escape from this place. No way for her to take this powerful male into the heavens with her. 

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